Archive, a Reality of Power and the Other

by Irham N. Anshari
To comprehend the lengthy project of the Centre for Tanah Runcuk Studies (CTRS), initially I have to propose an appropriate perspective to apply. This entire project posts some questions about archive, which thereupon lead us to the question of “what is reality?” Boris Groys comes up with an interes...

Crowd, Vergadering, and Anticolonial Nationalism

by A. Harimurti
Rampogan Sima and What Made It Prohibited in Dutch East Indies   Tjrijosipoen tijang sepoeh: waos koela poenika bangsa sae, wani dateng sima. Mila pitados koela kala roemijin, sadaja sima ingkang kesenggol wilahing waos koela, pedjahipoen namoeng saking kamandèning waos koela pijambak, waosipoe...
Tropika Selekta | Drawing on Paper | Collections of CTRS

A Note on Music from Runcuk

by Irfan R. Darajat
INTRODUCTION  In the past, music was often positioned within a part of a ritual. The society living in Tanah Runcuk was no exception.  Even more, this society put music along with the natural moves of...

Who is Ludwig Stern?

by Beatrice L. Jingga
Ludwig Stern (1833-…) is the successor of his father, Ludwig Stern, a prominent Ashkenazi-Jew-...

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