A painting of Forest Fire by Raden Saleh

The Infinite Unseen and Its Many Faces

Arca di Tepi Sungai

Nasib Arca Keramat yang Penuh Lika-liku dan Nyaris Buntu

Reading the Pattern of Aom People Settlement in Tanah Runcuk’s Triangle of Death

Tropika Selekta | Drawing on Paper | Collections of CTRS

A Note on Music from Runcuk

Tracing Southern Orang Runcuk from the Lontar Archive of Qing Dynasty’s Legacy

Historical painting collections of Penang Museum

Chateaubriand, Trauma of Rundjuq, and Letters from Penang

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Archive, a Reality of Power and the Other

Crowd, Vergadering, and Anticolonial Nationalism

Who is Ludwig Stern?